Meeting time limit on Zoom Meeting SDK on Pro Plan


We currently use Zoom Meeting SDK to provide services to users on our application. Each meeting is scheduled to last for a period of 60 - 180 minutes.

We used our Zoom account, on the Pro Plan, to set up Zoom Meeting SDK and this should allow us to have meetings without time limits. Surprisingly, there is still a 40-minutes time limit on all our meetings. Our users are notified of this limit 10 minutes before the meeting is abruptly ended.

Does anyone know why are we having this time limit on meetings when we currently use a Zoom Pro plan?

Thank you very much.

Hi @A-health ,

Thank you for posing on our developer. forum.
Were you using the account with the pro plan to create the meeting? Also, please provide the SDK log file for us to further investigate this issue.
Thank you