40 minutes limit warning

The Windows desktop App warns the users when the meeting is about to be ended for a 40 minutes meeting. It shows a pop up saying that there is only a few minutes left

For some reason the Web SDK does not warn the users and after the 40 minutes the meeting ends abruptly.

Which Web Client SDK version?

Is this the expected behavior? Is it possible to show the warning?

Hi @thefantastic4it,

I believe this is expected behavior at the moment. However, thank you for raising this, as it’s great feedback. We’re working to continuously bring closer parity between the Web SDK and our Zoom Web and Desktop Clients.

I will be happy to raise this with our team—however, if you’re so inclined, please feel free to submit a feature request for this here as well: #feature-requests


Thanks @will.zoom for the answer, Could you please rise it? It would be great to have warning message.

No problem, I agree this should be added to the Web SDK and I will advocate for this internally.


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