How do we EndMeeting using close icon?



I am using RadWindow to host/join the Meeting. Refer the screenshot.

In this window, Using the Close Icon[Marked as Red Color], How Can I Call the Alert prompt which was in the Zoom client. Refer below screenshot.


Because, When I close this window accidentally, I Cannot able to Join another meeting. If I have to start another Meeting after close the window, I am getting an error as, “The server encountered an internal error and was unable to process your request.Error Code:3005” "Again I have to join the same meeting or login to zoom account and End the meeting manually will solve the problem.

RadWindow is probably a div, So I have to call this prompt window by forcing the user. How can I achieve this ? Also FYI, Meeting is not ended even when I close the browser window.



Hi @vijay,

When you close the meeting with the “x” tab in the browser window, the meeting will not officially end for another 5 minutes or so since our system has to pick up that the host is not there. Only if you hit “End Meeting” will it automatically end the meeting and the host/participants will leave the meeting to create another one.

Right now, we do not have the functionality within our Web SDK to call an alert prompt. I’ll reach out to our Engineers to see if this can be a possibility in a future release?



Thanks @Michael_Purnell,

yes. I have to wait for about 5 minutes to start another meeting.
But I need to call an alert prompt to EndMeeting for all ?
Is there any plan to include this to next release ? Also I wanted following features in JS Web SDK ,

  1. Chat Option.
  2. Two or More participants video does not show .
  3. Screen Sharing with Control option. I.e., Keyboard/mouse.
  4. Record option.
  5. Gallery/Speakers View
    When is it available, Is Q2 Version Satisfy all the requirements ?



For the alert prompt there no plans right now for end meeting. We can talk with the Engineers to see if this can be done in a future release.

  1. We’re working on Chat Option
  2. Showing more than two participants, we are working on.
  3. Share screen will be available next release in April.
  4. The record option should already be there.
  5. Yes Q2 will satisfy all requirements.