429 Daily Limit Reached for Dashboard Meetings API

My team is pulling data from the Dashboard API end point for Meetings and Participants. We have to pull historical meetings and associated participants data for an internal data science project. The number of meetings per month could be in 80-90k range and the associated participants can go to 200k-300k. For each meeting we will be sending a separate request to pull the associated participants. Due to this we get the 429 status code with daily limit reached message after we have run over 60k requests. Is it possible for us to get a higher limit on this API end point?

“code”: 429,

“message”: “You have reached the maximum daily rate limit for this API. Refer to the response header for details on when you can make another request.”

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Send GET requests to /metrics/meetings/{meetingId}/participants for meetings pulled for a complete month
from - 2023-04-01
to - 2023-04-30

APP Type - Server to Server
Authentication - OAuth2

@nitin.kanwar The rate limits are in place to avoid excessive load on our servers in cases such as yours. What details are you trying to get from theses requests?

You can try our events which send you this data real-time.

Here are some examples:

We also have QSS events which send you dashboard equivalent data in real time:

We are trying to pull all the historical data so real time data is not going to help. We wanted to know if we can pay to get a higher daily data limit?

Do you have a zoom AE or a CSM? you can reach out to them to know more about increasing the limits.

Alternatively, you can still use our event subscriptions to store the data on your end and then querying it when required, which could be much easier