4700 error for a published app after updating the URLs and getting my changes approved by Zoom

I am getting a 4700 error for a published app after I changed the URLs (redirect url, whitelisted url, and webhook endpoint) and got my changes approved by Zoom. I have not re-published the app with the updated URLs yet as I am trying to test my changes via the publishable URL. But when I click on the publishable URL, I get a 4700 error.

The changes made include a domain name change. These changes were tested locally using the development credentials of the Zoom app and they worked fine. But we are unable to test them with production credentials using the publishable URL, even though the changes have been approved by Zoom. We cannot publish the app until we test it in prod environment because we have users using the old version of the app.

Invalid redirect: (4,700)

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
*1. copy publishable URL in the app
*2. open it in the browser
*3. You will get a 4700 error instead of the Zoom auth window.

Hi @ej19
Thanks for reaching out to us.
Can you confirm that the redirect URL is also added to the allow list of your app?
Can you also confirm if the Marketplace team approved the publishable URL you are using?

Hi Elisa,

Yes, confirming both.

Hi @elisa.zoom any updates here?

Hey Sorry, I did not get a notification about your response @ej19
could you please share with me the name of your app

Sure. It’s called Zeplyn - this is the new name. The changes have been approved but I have not published the app.
The old name (for the app version currently publicly available) is DeepInsights

Hello @ej19 can we confirm all of the new URLs have been added to the allowlist exactly as they appear and test again?

Regards, Kwaku

Yes, I’ve already confirmed that all new URLs have been added to the allowlist exactly as they appear (please see my comment above.)
@kwaku.nyante @elisa.zoom

Hi, would really appreciate help with this. Currently our launch is blocked by this.
I’ve confirmed all URLs are properly added to the allowlist. Thank you.
@kwaku.nyante @elisa.zoom

I will send you a private message to follow up on this