Create Meeting with Template Id

I am using the Zoom API to create a meeting - this is all working as expected! I am including a template id but this does not have any effect.
I know the templates exist.
I know I am passing the correct template id as I pulled these from the Zoom API.
However when I look at the Registrtion link I do not see the banner or logo set in the Template Branding.

No Error is issued it is just that the branding is not being applied.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
I am using the end point /users/{userId}/meetings and POSTING to this.

Am I doing something wrong or is there an alternative way to set the branding via the API?

Hi @mark.a.strange,

Thanks for reaching out about this—I can see you’ve since been in touch with us at our Developer Support alias, and a member of our team will reply back to you directly there shortly.


Hi Will,
I have not heard back from anybody yet - is this still a live support request? I really could do with some help on this.

Hi @mark.a.strange,

Apologies for the delay—I can confirm your ticket has been assigned and will be handled shortly.


Hello, I have the same exact issue, the only difference is I’m using oAuth2 as auth system, but the behavior is exactly exactly the same.

How can I solve it?

Hi @claudio.mazza.docebo,

Can you confirm that you’re passing the template ID in the request body?

Additionally, please note that the List Meeting Templates API can return templates that are set at both the User level and the Admin level. However, the template_id feature of the Create a Meeting API only supports the use of Admin level templates . Further, Admin level templates are not enabled by default, which may be why you’re seeing this issue.

Can you confirm if the template you’re applying is being set at the user or admin level?


Greeting @will.zoom
I can confirm I’m passing the template ID in the request body.
However they are templates level user so I guess the problem is that one.

How can i create Admin level templates?

Hi @claudio.mazza.docebo,

To create Admin Level templates for meetings, you will need to reach out to our Technical Support team to have this enabled. You can reach out to them here.


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