About userId in waiting room


From what I read, when host admitted one user in waiting room, the user is leaving and rejoin, so a new userId will be assigned for that user, right?

I know host can get the userId in waiting room from onWatingRoomUserJoin(long userId) , then how the user in waiting room get his own userId in SDK?

Which version?

Thank you

Hi @reamer, thanks for the post.

You are correctly understanding that the user ID will not be consistent between the waiting room and meeting. The callback that will tell you when a user with a given ID joins the meeting is InMeetingServiceListener#onMeetingUserJoin. Once you have implemented your own instance of this interface, you can subscribe to it via InMeetingService#addListener.


hello @jon.lieblich

yeah I know InMeetingServiceListener#onMeetingUserJoin can get userId in meeting.

Please see my scenario:
User A is host and User B is normal attendee
User B joined waiting room
User A can get User B’s userId (waiting room userId) from

My concern is, for User B who is in waiting room, how can he get his own waiting room userId currently?

Hi @reamer, apologies for misreading your question and thanks for clarifying!

This is not supported in the SDK at the moment, unfortunately. Could you provide some information on your use case? There may be alternatives available depending on what functionality you’re trying to achieve.


hello @jon.lieblich

we use custom UI and would like to use our own participant list. The participant list is based on our own app user list, we need to bind zoom user to our app user then we can get zoom user status, e.g. who is in waiting room, who is raised hand, etc. All participants can see other participants’ status no matter he is host or not. So we need to broadcast the zoom user id after participant joined meeting for the binding.
Currently the problem is, when someone joined waiting room, he can’t get his own zoom user id in wating room for broadcasting so other particiapants may not know who is in waiting room.
Any suggestion for this?

Thank you!

Hi @reamer, thanks for the additional info.

You would still be able to access the InMeetingUserInfo of a participant in the waiting room via InMeetingService#getUserInfoById, which could help with that. Since a user needs to declare their username before joining a meeting, that info would be accessible during that flow. This means that the host would be able to broadcast to other meeting participants the name of each user in the waiting room.

Be aware that there is a limitation around this. Since the username is generated client-side (unlike the ID which is server-generated), there is no guarantee that it will be unique for a given meeting.