Inmeetingservicelistener: userJoin instead of userIsInWaitingRoom


with 1.8.3, i do not get the correct inmeetingservicelistener - events.
i activated ‘waiting room’ for my account and started (as host) a meeting via websdk. if i
join with the linux desktop app, i get the wrong event:

  • event ‘onUserIsInWaitingRoom’ is NOT fired
  • instead, event ‘onUserJoin’ is fired

additional remarks:

  • i have tested with 2 different room ids (all belonging to the same company / sdk key
  • i already saw this behavior with websdk 1.8.1
  • your CDN sample webapp has same behavior
  • admitting a user fires 2 new events:
    ** userLeave
    ** another 'userJoin… but with a different userId than in the initial join…??
  • if after admitting i do a ‘put in waiting room’ i do not get a ‘userInWaitingRoom’ event, too

if i deactivate the waiting room and join via my desktop client, i also get the ‘onUserJoin’ event, as expected.

has anyone here managed to receive a ‘onUserIsInWaitingRoom’ event?

who can i PM to send the corresponding room id? is anyone else seeing this wrong behavior?


Hey @harald.glanzer,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I will notify our Web SDK engineers so they can take a look. (CS-2622)

If you would like to send the corrispondding meeting ID, please email it to and include a link to this thread.


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