Access Restricted. (200)

Pro Licence.

I Go to

‘Account Management’


‘Account Profile‘

I get this error message.

Access Restricted. (200)

It happens every time on every machine.

I previously put five staff email addresses on to the account and made them co-hosts and different points.

That might be where the issue is.
I would like to reset my account and/or reinstate the Licence.

Any assistance gratefully received.


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Hi @kernowmusic,

Please contact our support team to help with your situation with the Zoom Portal[1].

1 -

I did that three weeks ago as well as phone calls, I have had no response apart from you, Thankyou for responding.
I have no option but to change platforms, this is an error which cannot be fixed without account reset.
Priority please.

Hey @kernowmusic,

Apologies for the slow response times, we are seeing a massive increase of requests.

It seems your permissions may have been changed. Please try logging out and back in.

For additional support, contact