Help | Not able to create zoom user using API. It shows Error


I would like to bring an urgent issue to your attention, currently, we are not able to create any Zoom accounts for our users. The Zoom API is showing an error and not allowing us to create accounts. This issue has been occurring for the last 2 weeks .

Please find below the error detail regarding the same for your reference:

{“code”:1001,“message”:“Data error, please contact Zoom customer support.”}

Seeking an appropriate resolution at the earliest.



a.Do you have a paid account? Some of our APIs are only available for a paid account
b. Does the user with the same email already exist in your account (active / inactive)?

Hi @ojus.zoom,

I intend to purchase a Pro Plan subscription for my Zoom account to manage and create Zoom meetings for my company.

I have a query regarding the creation of licensed users for my Zoom Pro account. After the purchase of the Pro plan, is it necessary to make additional payments for creating licensed users, or can I create licensed users for free within the Pro plan?

Upon attempting to add a new licensed user, I received the following error message:

“code”: 3412,
“message”: “Your request to add a new Licensed user could not be approved at this time because your account has reached the permitted maximum number of 1 paying users. Please purchase additional licenses or contact the Zoom support team to provision additional users in your account.”

Could you please provide clarification on whether additional payments are required for creating licensed users within the Pro plan?

Thank you.