Accidently changed my zoom sdk secret. how can i restore it please help. It will effect most of our apps

i have integratedzoom sdk in my coaching management apps. Yesterday accidently changed my zoom sdk secret and now not able to join meeting from apps please help. To update the app on playstore it will take 2-3 working days. But app is live students not able to join their lectures please help if you have any quick solution.

Hi @ruchikasolanki1999, I’m sorry that this happened, and for the difficulty it will cause. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to restore a previous SDK Secret, as regeneration is designed to invalidate any use of the previous secret.

We recommend you do not store your SDK Key / Secret within your application, but rather use a JWT token generation to initlaize the app in order to store your credentials server side.

Thank you @michael.harrington . If possible please provide me any temportary solution . I will definitely use JWT token generation method in my next app updates.