Account Level App Not Showing Up for My Organization

Hello, I’ve recently added an Account Level App to my Organization. I’ve approved it for all users.

However, I don’t see this App in the My Apps section of my Zoom Client. My end users also are not seeing the App in their My Apps section.

When they look up the App via the App Store, this is what they see:

We expect it to show up in My Apps, but do not see anything:

Could someone help out please? I’ve tried adding it and removing the app plenty of times from the Zoom Marketplace Admin Dashboard, but still facing issues. Thank you!

Hi @h.g
Thanks for reaching out to us!
I see what you mean, are you able to use the app in the client?
If so, can you try using it and then see if it appears in your client?

Hey @elisa.zoom , thanks for your response.

I can use a custom install link, but then it shows up under “Opened”. Once I exit out, I need to use an install link again to have it show up. This is not an ideal user experience. This method has existed pre-Marketplace approval, and the whole reason we made a push to go to the Marketplace is so that it can be installed for all users and have a tile under “My Apps”.

Here’s a video of what I’m experiencing:

I have a follow up question: are my users supposed to see this? I thought that was the entire point of an Account Level App. Add it for your entire org.

I have User Managed Apps where I can “add to a user” and it shows up under their Apps. I can add an app to all my users that way, but seems to defeat the purpose of having an “Account Level” App vs. a User Managed App you install for all users.

Thanks for that video @h.g
If you verify the company and start using the app, does it persist in the client?

@elisa.zoom it does not.

The behavior I’m expecting: there is a RealityCheck Tile under “My Apps” like all my other apps (Chorus, Zoom Rooms, Virtual Backgrounds).

I’m expecting ALL my users to see it as well, since it is an Account Level App.

I’ve also added some other account level apps for my org, and we are experiencing the same thing. Our end users see that the app was “added by admin” but does not show up under “My Apps” - so it is not just our app.

Hey @h.g
I have followed up in a DM, please make sure to share more details with me there