Added Account Level App - where does it show up?

Hello, I recently got my app approved for the Zoom App Marketplace. I am an admin, and have enabled the app for all the users on my account.

When I go to my Zoom Client > Apps > Add Apps > App Home, I see a similar message.

My users also see that this app was “Added by Admin”.

However, neither I or my users see it in my Apps > My Apps tab.

Is it supposed to show up here for me and my users? Or are there additional steps I need to take as a Zoom admin for this app to show up in the Apps tab for all my users?

Thank you!


Try removing it and re-adding it and let’s see.

Regards, Kwaku

@kwaku.nyante I removed it and re-added it, it still does not show up for my users.

My expectation is that it will have its own tile in the “My Apps” section of my Zoom client, is that true? I would expect it to show up with the rest of My Apps (such as Chorus, Zoom Rooms, etc.)

Attached is a screen recording of what I did (remove app, re-add).

Appreciate you looking into this!

Hi, @kwaku.nyante - wanted to follow up on this, thank you!

Hi, @kwaku.nyante - wanted to follow up and see if there was a resolution for this - thank you!

My org would also be happy to pay for Premium Developer Support.

Hello @h.g do you have the Zoom App option turned on in the feature bucket?

Regards, Kwaku

For some reason, it doesn’t show its turned on for me, if it’s not can you turn it on and submit an Update request so I can approve it?

If not also let me know I have to create a ticket.

@kwaku.nyante thanks for the response!

What do you mean by “Zoom App option turned on in the feature bucket”? Where is that setting toggled?

Also, as a heads up, we’re going to try and resubmit as a new app as a user managed app in the meantime to mitigate this issue. We’re just repointing the clientID/clientSecret to the our new app. The functionality of the app staying in the apps panel is working there.

Please take a look at this resource: How to embed Zoom into a website

This might explain the feature bucket.

Has nothing to do with the App type we have plenty of account-level Zoom Apps and user-level Zoom Apps.

Regards, Kwaku

I looked at the page, and I didn’t find anything that seemed useful to helping me solve the issue. I just want to the app to show up for my users as I’ve added it as an account level app.

As I’ve mentioned, it seems like User-Managed apps does show the apps on the apps panel, so it seems to be a bug in my opinion - especially since my end users see that it was “Added By Admin” and it never shows up anywhere.

Is there somewhere I can file a bug ticket? I do think this is a backend issue where a flag isn’t being set correctly on whether or not an app should be showing up on the My Apps panel.

Sure you can submit a ticket at

Regards, Kwaku

@h.g , the screen you’re looking at (in the Zoom application) shows user-level Zoom Apps that can run inside the Zoom client.

If your app enabled Zoom Apps features, it would appear here in this Apps panel in the client. If you don’t use Zoom Apps features, the app will be discoverable on the Marketplace’s web UI.

Any app, including account-level apps like RealityCheck, installed on an account will appear on the Marketplace Admin App Management view at -

The user who has installed the app will see it listed under Added Apps in Personal App Management

Hey @michael.zoom , thanks for the detailed answer!

Yes, my end users see that it is installed, but do you know how they would get it running? I’m pretty sure that RealityCheck has Zoom Apps features enabled, unless there’s something that I missed!

We just want our end users to be able to use the app during meetings, and do so in an easy way. We thought that creating an Account Level app would just install it for all our users (which it did) - now we’re just trying to figure out how end users can launch during a meeting - what are we missing?

Also, we’re doing an alternative approach where we are re-submitting our app as a User-Managed one, and then installing it to our end-users Apps panel via Zoom Admin Console. Is that the correct approach?

@h.g ,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum! I’m happy to assist you with this.

To integrate your app into a Zoom meeting, you’ll need to build a Zoom App using the Zoom Apps SDK. It is important to note that you can utilize the Zoom App package in the Team chat environment, allowing users to open webviews and access third-party data without leaving the chat interface.

Here’s a Zoom Clip of a sample app I’m working on, which integrates both Zoom App and Zoom Team chat app functionalities.

How to create a Zoom App

Zoom Apps SDK

Team Chat Apps

@h.g ,

I just tried to install your app, but I don’t see it on the Zoom App tab. Did you build your app with the Zoom Apps SDK? What did you use to build your app? Can you share what you enabled on the Surface page if you created your app with General App?

Yes, I built it with the Zoom Apps SDK. Here is what is enabled on the Surface Page.

In a DM with @elisa.zoom , I found out that Account-Level Apps do not show up in the My Apps Panel. The only way to install the app is through a link.

Unfortunately, this isn’t deployable, scalable, nor user-friendly. So, we’re resubmitting our app as a User-Managed app.

I would like to call out that in every single conversation I’ve had, no one has given a straight answer on why Account-Level apps behave in this manner. In this post (although old), Account-level app vs User-managed app for adoption, it says that account level apps are installed by the admin and then any user can access it, which made the most sense for our app. However, as I’ve found out, the app seems to be unreachable by end users unless they have the install link, which isn’t great.

In my opinion, I expected Account-Level apps to be installed for all users on my Zoom account and reachable via the My Apps panel. You can do this exact same process with a User-Managed app, with the one exception being that end-users can remove the app, while for Account Level apps - only the admin has permission to add/remove (which matches the behavior I expect).

Yes, I see @h.g ! Thanks for the feedback. I am happy to share this with the team and place a document request in the meantime. I think a note on this caveat should be added to the select-in-client-app features of this document linked below:

Please feel free to share any additional feedback and I will make sure it gets to the right team.