Account/Sub-Accounts/Users mapping for existing solution

I am trying to make up my mind on how to integrate zoom in our existing solution (API/mobile/SPA). I want to develop a JWT App and control everything from our existing API servers. Our entities are:

Brands / Stores / Users (managers, employees)

We can have several managers and employees working in a store. Each store is a separate entity, we don’t want users to mix. Managers will use our existing App to call our APIs and setup meetings. It’s ok for employees to join meetings via links/meetingId without having a user.

  1. What’s the best way to model this in Zoom? Not sure about the ways to use accounts, sub-accounts, users. Are those concepts detailed anywhere? Is there any best practice example on how to use them?

  2. Can I create/import users from our DB to Zoom? Where should users be placed?

  3. And what about licenses? I suppose managers will require a pro/business license. How do I assign licenses to managers? Can we as a company buy licenses and assign them to managers (in zoom) without them having to buy licenses directly?


Hey @bragma,

Here is an article on the Zoom Account structure:

Sounds like you would want one Master Account > Then Sub Accounts for each store > Then users that belong to the store / Sub Account.

You can use the Create User API, or upload CSV to add users to each respective sub account.

If you want your users or selective users (mangers) to have meetings over 40 minutes or other paid features you can assign the respective license on user creation in step 2.

Since they are users on your Zoom account, they will not need to buy the licenses themselves, you can do that for them.

Let me know if you have additional questions or if I missed something! :slight_smile: