OAuth Scope with API information for sub-account

** /users/email**
Link the API endpoint.

We have an account level OAuth app that we use for our product and Zoom integration. One of our customer has enabled sub-account. The following is the setup:

  • Master Account called Admin Account
  • Sub-account of Admin Account called Child Account
  • Admin Account has an OAuth Account-Level App
  • App has the scope :
    1. View and manage sub account’s user information
    2. View and manage sub account’s user recordings
    3. View and manage sub account’s user meetings
    4. View all users’ contacts
    5. View all user information

When we send the GET call with the endpoint /users/abc@xyz.com, it is responding with
Error Code 1001
User does not exist: abc@xyz.com.

We are trying to understanding what scope or endpoint are we supposed to use to access sub-account information. The admin authorized the app and it functions correctly if the call is made for Admin Account.

Thanks in advance

Hi @zoom.dev1 ,

Here is the documentation on master account structure: Master Account API

Master API endpoints are prepended with /accounts/{accountID} . The request body and responses mirror the standard Zoom API.

If the app and permissions are scoped correctly, then the correct endpoint should suffice :slight_smile:

@gianni.zoom Thank you for the information. Maybe I should have added to the main question.

  • Is there a way to do this without Master Account API? Through any account setup or scopes?

  • If not, has this been always the case? Or these changes were made somewhere recently?

  • Is it possible to create an OAuth app on the sub-account and use /users/email API endpoint?

Thank you for the assistance :slight_smile:

Hi @zoom.dev1 ,

Nope if querying with master account auth, you have to use the master account endpoints.

Yes this has always been the case to the best of my knowledge :slight_smile:


Could you please share some docs on how to create OAuth App on the sub-account? Is it the same way as the master account? Or is there a different setup that we need to configure?


Hi @zoom.dev1 , it’s the same way.