accounts/{accountId}/plans/usage returns 124: Invalid access token with JWT

When I use the API “accounts/{accountId}/plans/usage” (with the accountId taken from v2/users/me) to get the full plans usage for my tenant, I get the error:

{“code”:124,“message”:“Invalid access token.”}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hey @simonshaw,

Are you using a standard Zoom account? If so, I believe you’ll need to pass me in the request URL in place of the ID.

Let me know—thanks!

Not sure that I understand what you mean by “a standard Zoom account”?
What are the options here?
I access via JWT and I am trying to get the plan usage for all the accounts and sub-accounts

Hi @simonshaw,

Apologies, by “standard”, I’m referring to a 1 tenant Zoom account. The endpoint you’re referencing here is intended for Master/Sub account set ups, which are not available by default. Do you know if your account is a master account? If you’re not sure, you can open up a request with our team here, and we can confirm what type of account you have, and whether further provisioning would be required to hit our Master Account APIs.


Hi Will,
Thanks for your response.
The application that I am writing is hopefully going to be used by multiple of my customers. Does that mean they will also have to go through the same process? Is there an alternative approach to using the API such that this will not be an issue.

Hi @simonshaw,

Thanks for the added context. There is an alternative to a master account setup—you could develop an OAuth integration. This would allow users who belong to accounts external to yours to grant you access to call our APIs on their behalf.

Certain endpoints, such as GET Plan Usage, do support standard Zoom accounts (not provisioned for Master/Sub account) such as:

You would be able to call this endpoint on behalf of any authorized customer, using the me macro. (Account ID is only supported for specifying a sub account ID).

In short, the Master APIs are intended for a use case wherein you would have your own master account, and your customers would be sub accounts under your master account, managed by you entirely.

OAuth, however, would enable you to have your own account and your customers could use their own, separate Zoom accounts—they would simply authorize your oauth app, and then you’d be able to call our APIs on their behalf.

Let me know if this helps to clarify!

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