Active-user-name element always shows non-host participant name in 2-participant meetings

I am finding in meetings using the Web SDK that when there is a meeting with only 2 participants - a host and an attendee - then the attendee’s view shows their own name in the active-user-name element, and it doesn’t change even if the other attendee (host) speaks. I would expect that in active-speaker view, the non-host attendee should see the host’s name. Note that the host does see the attendee’s name in their view, as I would expect.

In my testing, if there are 3+ meeting participants (ie a host plus 2 others) then the active user name will correctly change to display the name of the user who is speaking. However, even if the meeting used to have 3+ participants, if participants leave until there are only 2 left then the behavior of only showing the non-host attendee’s name to the attendee returns.

Please see the screenshot below - you can see that the host’s video is on and displayed as the speaker, yet the participant’s name is shown at the bottom-left of the video instead of the host’s name. Is this the expected behavior?

This is happening using the CDN SDK 1.7.8, as far as I could trace it the active-user-name field’s values are being set by the /lib/vendor/react-dom.min.js file.

Participant View Screenshot:

Hey @mark.vanr,

Thanks for sharing this issue! Our engineers are looking into this. We will work on fixing it as soon as possible. (CS-2011)


Thanks @tommy! Much appreciated. I’m a bit new here - is there a way for me to trace the issue or will this post be updated later, or should I just watch later releases to see if it’s noted?

Hey @mark.vanr,

I will post updates back here! :slight_smile: