Include Zoom name changes in `meeting.ended` webhook

I’ve noticed that for some users the “name” field that comes from the /meetings/meetingId/participants endpoint doesn’t match the name that appears in the bottom left corner of their video during the Zoom call.

I think this happens because a user changes their display name during the call, but I’m not sure.

What is clear is that when I go to Reports > Active Hosts in the UI, I can see both in this format: Name1 (Name 2). The /meetings/meetingId/participants endpoint only give me Name 2.

It would be great if the meeting.ended webhook matched the information shown in the report web UI.

An example of this is meeting “S+9/lKagQYy9LGQJBaDdqQ==”, where the webhook payload shows the name of a user to be “WTS-Boston” and the Active hosts report shows that same user as “Allison (WTS-Boston)”.