ActiveVideoItem out of sync


Probably related to all the other spotlight bugs but worth at least mentioning for the record

When working in customUI on macOS the activeVideoElement is out of sync (I think by the hah one) for spotlight etc. Making it useless



Hi @richard1, thanks for the post.

I am assuming you are referring to the ZoomSDKActiveVideoElement, right? If so, this should have the same behavior as the onActiveSpeakerVideoUserChanged callback. Are you seeing any discrepancies between the user returned in this callback and the user that is visible as the active speaker?


Thanks Jon

The activeSpeakerChanged call hasn’t been working for a while so that would explain why this doesn’t work either.

Do you guys have an internal list of these bugs? I would suggest checking that before responding as if I wasn’t aware of that bug I could have wasted a few hours testing thanks to your advice…


Hi @richard1,

Apologies for the confusion, but the bug you had previously reported was related to the onActiveVideoUserChanged callback, which is slightly different in behavior from the onActiveSpeakerVideoUserChanged one referenced in my previous post. Can you please confirm if this callback is functioning differently from the view’s behavior?


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