Adapting the Simultaneous Translation Feature for use as Production Comms. How can I "Call a show" over Zoom?

Hi All,

I’m new here. I am not a programmer and have no clue how to program anything. I am an AV tech/ system designer/ technical director at the University of Toronto and I would describe myself as Zoom Super Admin/ Power user since the early days of Zoom.

Earlier this week, I coordinated a complicated interactive event between the office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and 10 other universities across Canada. The event was streamed out of our studio using Zoom Rooms for 6 isolated outputs into our streaming rig. There was zero time to produce this event. All site were given 8-10 days notice on this.

It goes with out saying that Zelenskyy’s Office was well versed in using the SI features in Zoom and we had feeds that went English>Ukrainian, Ukrainian>English, Ukrainian> French.

With Zoom chat off of the table for this event, all of the sites communicated Via What’s App to get through the Run-of -show. Doing this by text sucked. Here I am trying to communicate with 10 other site Via what’s App, and all I wanted was everyone on a headset like you see at big event shoots where everyone is there in person.

After the event I wondered this: "Hey, if you can have a channel for English/Ukraine/French why could n’t we have a channel for production comms? " I mean there is nothing stopping me from adding a language called “Production Comms” and using it communicate with other sites’ tech staff. The problems is other people may be able to hear it.

What’s missing ? Well it would be great if the language called "Production Comms " could be available by invite only, or password protected. It would be even better if any of these languages could be assigned to a separate output in Audio Settings. For instance, have Main Audio go to a USB device, and have a specific language go to the headphone jack.

One might say what is the point of this? Just connect to a separate zoom call and call the show that way…But in alot of cases the AV tech and camera people need cues from both the actual event audio ( IE moderator at Podium) as well as tech director/stage manager behind the scenes etc.

Just throwing this into the suggestion box . I know Zoom is trying to get “Zoom Events” off of the ground and this feature would be a great addition. I would definitely pay for it.

Anyway a link to the Zelenskyy event is here: Live Video Address | President Volodymyr Zelenskyy - YouTube
Just in case anyone is interested.