How to customize the Customized UI Mode?

I am new to c++. I was able to run the zoom-sdk-windows/demo/sdk_demo_v2 app. Now I am looking forward to updating the UI in “Customized UI Mode”. I am running the application using the Visual studio 2019. How can I customize the UI of the sdk_demo_v2 app using Visual Studio or any other editor?

We want to customize the UI like change Auth and login UI, change label text, change button and other element positions, show/hide some elements, etc…

I found out that XML files inside the skin directory are used to generate the UI. How can I edit them? Which editor to use to update the UI without updating the XML in the text editor?

Which version?

Hi @sajithkahawatta,

Thanks for the post. Regarding the Custom UI, you may refer to the doc here for more info:; You could also refer to the implementation in, it includes the implementation of some UI elements.

Hope this helps. Thanks!