Add event on account that registered

Hi, I’m actually using the zoom API with JWT Token, I was actually wondering, I have to create meetings from a main account and after that add people to the meeting, it’s working and people receive an email but why is it not visible in their account meeting ? Also do you have a way to make them accept the registration ?

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Hey @lemaire,

What do you mean “Not visible in their account meeting?” Can you send a screenshot of the page you are talking about?

About accepting the registration, do you mean the registration required option when creating a meeting?

Via request body

Via Zoom Account


So I wanted the user I added to a meeting to be able to see meeting they’re going to attend to in their own meeting space is that possible. One way to do it would be to add the meeting to a calendar I guess but for me that would be better if that was also in zoom.

About the registration the registration_type is for the owner of the admin account if I’m not mistaking. I want to add people to a meeting :

  • The admin doesn’t need to approuve their registration because he’s the one actually inviting them
  • I want the person I add to accept an invitation to the meeting is that possible ?

Thanks for your time and concern

Hey @lemaire,

I believe the solution to this would be to use our Google Calendar App.

Not only will the person get an invite, they can see their meetings on their calendar AND on the Zoom Client Home and Meetings page.

Let me know if this works for you (or if you want me to get back to you with a solution using our API)!


Hey @Tommy

Thanks for the quick answer, yeah I saw that but this is not really what I want, I’m actually building an app with multiple features and the one we’re talking about is one of them. As the meeting will be created with code as it’s depending on other parts so I’m not sure the google calendar app is usable in that case. Also I kinda want to keep the google calendar optional for the people attending the meeting. So yeah basically I need the people attending meetings to see that in their personal meeting space after being added.

Also any idea about the registration process ?

Thanks !

Hey @lemaire, happy to help.

Unfortunately, we do not have an invite feature for creating meetings yet.

To set registration as required via the API, the meeting needs to be "type":8 (recurring meeting with fixed time). And to set the registration type as automatically approve set "approval_type": 0 in the settings object.

Here is an example JSON request body to do so,

  "topic": "Meeting with Registration Required",
  "type": 8,
  "start_time": "2019-07-29T20:00:00",
  "duration": "30",
  "timezone": "America/Denver",
  "agenda": "You must register for this meeting",
  "settings": {
  	"approval_type": 0
  "recurrence": {
  	"type": 1

You can follow our changelog here to see if/when we come out with an invite feature to add people to a meeting via the our API and have it show up in their Zoom Client Meetings tab.