Add participant to ongoing meeting

I’m trying to add participant to ongoing meeting using endpoint{meetingId}/registrants and it’s failed. Is this possible at all to add another participant to already started meeting and which endpoint/payload to use for that?

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I was able to add a registrant to a live meeting using the Add a meeting registrant endpoint:

Could you please share with me the request URL and body that you are sending and the error that you are getting so I can debug this issue further?


Thank you for your response.

First, meeting was created with payload:

“topic”: “{zoomDisplayName}”,
“type”: 2,
“start_time”: “{start:s}Z”,
“timezone”: “UTC”,
“password”: “”,
“duration”: {duration},
“settings”: {
“waiting_room”: true,
“approval_type”: 2,
“registrants_email_notification”: false

and started successfully.

Later, I tried to add registrant with payload:
{“email”: “{email}”, “first_name”: “{firstName}”, “last_name”: “{lastName}”, “auto_approve”: true}

and it gives us an error: {“code”:404,“message”:“Registration has not been enabled for this meeting: 86183496080.”}.

I tried slightly different approach to change “approval_type” to “0” patching meeting settings (meeting was already started by this time) and then adding registrant with payload: {“email”: “{email}”, “first_name”: “{firstName}”, “last_name”: “{lastName}”}

and it gives us an error: {“code”:3027,“message”:“Host can not register”}

Thanks for the update @dpavlov
I have been able to replicate this last behavior that you experienced.
Have you tried adding another registrant (different that the host)
When I did my testing, I added the host as a registrant and I got the same error
{“code”:3027,“message”:“Host can not register”}

But when I passed another email, I was able to add the registrant.

Hope this helps,

I can confirm that I could add registrant to the meeting with approval_type=0 using different e-mail address. I still couldn’t add another registrant to the ongoing meeting created with approval_type=2. Could you confirm please you were able to do it?

And could you confirm that it’s possible to patch approval_type setting for ongoing meeting? Lets say you created meeting with approval_type=2 and patched it to approval_type=0 after meeting was started.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @dpavlov

I can confirm that you can add registrants with approval_type=0, but you can NOT add registrants with approval_type=2 (since approval_type 2 is NO registration required)

You can patch the approval_type from 2 to 0 and then add registrants.

Hope this helps to clarify :slight_smile:

Thank you. I think we’re getting closer. So, can we patch “approval_type” setting for ongoing meeting? Or you cannot patch meeting which already started?

Yes, you can patch “approval_type” setting for ongoing meetings

Yes, you can patch “approval_type” setting for ongoing meetings

This is not helpful

Hi @Casares6674
Hope you are doing great! do you need help with anything in specific?

Thank you for your help. Now it seems to work as expected. The main issue was with meeting approval_type. I remember patching this property sometimes failed but now it seems to work fine.

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@dpavlov Glad to hear its working as expected now!!! :slight_smile:

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