Add to Calendar, Add to Google Calendar, Add to Yahoo Calendar links

Following on from the puzzle of working out how to send your own confirmation emails I’m trying to add to calendar links to it.

Is there a better way to recreate the links?{meeting}/ics?user_id={user_id}&type=icalendar{meeting}/calendar/google/add?user_id={user_id}&type=google{meeting}/cal?user_id={user_id}&type=yahoo

Not sure why Google has a different url, anyway.

The user_id appears to be the registrant_id which is fine.

However the meeting appears to be the reference used in the registration_url

Is the only way to get this identifier to extract it from that?

"registration_url" => "{meeting}"

I’ve also noticed that registration_url doesn’t appear in the API reference docs? :man_shrugging:

Hey @neil.freeman,

Where are you seeing the documentation for the calendar links?

That is because we assume you are registering the registrants programmatically or with a custom form using the add registrant endpoint.