Is it possible to generate or retrieve the Google calendar link that is in the Zoom registration email?

In the registration email that is automatically sent out by Zoom by default, there is a link to add the Zoom meeting to a Google calendar that’s:

Error - Zoom

However, I don’t see how to retrieve the key which I imagine is something like attendee_id. This same end point seems to be able to generate an ics file as well. Is there a way to retrieve this key/the attendee_id?

I noticed that when I search for /meetings/ in the API documentation, I get results, but not when I type /meeting/. Is the meeting/attendee API not available to developers?

Hi @mdickens
Thanks for reaching out!
Have you looked into the Get meeting invitation endpoint

If you have Registration enabled in your meeting, you should be able to use the Get a meeting registrant to get more information about the attendees:

Yes, I did look into the Get Meeting Invitation endpoint, but it does not return the attendee_id, only the information to join the meeting.

That is: it does not provide any of the necessary information to generate the calendar invite links.