Admins are unable to install BetterCloud App without Zoom Phone license

Admins are unable to install BetterCloud App from Zoom marketplace when the organization doesn’t have any Zoom Phone Licenses.

This seems like an edge case. Our App scopes list out phone:read:admin, phone:write:admin. In order to install, all admins should have ‘Phone Management’ permissions. This works for customers who have Zoom Phone licenses. However, for customers without Zoom Phone license, this permission field is missing in Roles and hence can’t be selected. Those admins receive the ‘Phone Management’ error below. Only Owners can install the app

We would have assumed that for customers without Zoom Phone license this role permission requirement would have been skipped in the logic for admins trying to install. Is this a limitation or feature enhancement? If so, can you suggest any workarounds since using Owner account only seems problematic as most customers use Service accounts for installations and the owner might be a user.

Please see the error below

Which App?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Install App
  2. See error Above

Hi @fbegh3,

Thanks for reaching out about this—this may be by design, but I’ve reached out to our Engineering team for confirmation (ZOOM-327176).

I will follow up with you here shortly,