Admin Account for account-level Oauth

Question about Account-level Oauth apps…

I defined an account-level oauth app on the marketplace that includes scopes meeting:read:admin, meeting:write:admin, user:read:admin, user:write:admin.

When I try to authenticate I get – “You cannot authorize the app
An account admin is required to install this type of app. Please contact your account admin or IT administrator to install this app.”

So obviously I need to have my Zoom administrator change my account to have the proper privileges. Since I do not administer our Zoom instance I’m not up on the types of accounts. Can anyone relate exactly what settings are need on my Zoom account to get authenticated with that scope? Is there exactly one admin permission or are their different flavors of administrative capabilities?

Hey @kkoellner,

Few solutions here:

  1. Have the Zoom Account Admin give you the following permissions on

Duplicate post:

  1. Have the Zoom Account Admin make you an Admin.
  1. Give the install url (publishable or test url) to your Zoom Account Admin and have them install it for you.

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


@tommy My Zoom admin is telling me really weird things are happening with permissions. He has granted me various roles and permissions and verified that they are saved. Then I log into Zoom by going to our Zoom URL and logging in. Then when I auth I still get’s that error. My Zoom Admin checks my permissions and the new permissions he has granted have all been deleted. It seems like he can add new permissions for my login but as soon as I login, they are erased.

Any idea what can cause that?

Could it be something to do with SSO?


Hey @kkoellner, that is very strange.

Can you schedule a Zoom meeting with me and your Zoom account admin so I can help?


Thanks for the offer. I’ll get in touch with my Zoom admin and try for something early next week.


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Sounds good, thanks Ken!



Can you visit this link —

Pick one of the available times in the next three days and fill in the form. It should schedule a Zoom meeting with Mike and myself when we are both available.


See you both tomorrow.