How to obtain the root call log id?

I use the following events to know when the call finishes: phone.callee_call_log_completed and phone.caller_call_log_completed, but these contain only the log ids for either the caller or callee.

I need to download the call details/path to analyze the whole call. With this endpoint: /phone/call_logs/{callId} I can use the call id in order to get the call details, but the documentation says it will be deprecated in 2025, in favor of this endpoint: /phone/call_history/{callLogId}, but with this one, I cannot use the call id, neither the log id coming in any of these events, I have to use the root log id.

How do I get it if there is no general event (like phone.call_log_completed) with that information?

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@ojus.zoom ? @elisa.zoom ?

Hi @jose ,

Can you please link the documentation for this endpoint? I only see this one: Zoom Phone API

GET /phone/call_logs/{callLogId}

If you are asking for the documentation for this endpoint:
is this:

I updated the last post

Hi @jose ,

Nevermind, I misread. Where did you see it say this will be deprecated in 2025:

Can you please share that documentation?

Understand Zoom Phone call history

and here:

Zoom Phone call log deprecation

If Zoom will deprecate some functionality, we expect the new one will have the same features, at least.

Hi @jose ,

Thanks for sharing this! I will inquire further and get back to you.

Waiting to hear back.

Thanks, let me know, I am waiting the update

Still haven’t heard back, but just followed up.

I am having the same issue.

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Hi @sam8 @jose, ae you able to verify if call path shows multiple call ids including the root call id?

Please review this doc again in detail: Understand Zoom Phone call history

/phone/call_logs/{callId} works fine when the callId input is taken from phone.caller_call_log_completed or phone.callee_call_log_completed.

/phone/call_history/{callLogId} gets 400 error when the input ‘id’ (e.g. 4a4ed8ec-6be4-4e42-96e6-352a4396204d) is taken from those hooks. So there’s no way to see the callpath payload.

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That is correct. We cannot use the callId to get the call history using this endpoint:


which is being promoted instead of this one:


Also, the call-id is more useful than the call log IDs. There is one call-log-id per call leg and one per root call. The call-id can at least be used up to a point to get all info about the call, and I said up to a point because you have to do some magic (events out of order, info missing in the call log details, etc.) in order to link one call to the other.

Hi @sam8 @jose ,

Ahh I see. I have shared your thoughts with the phone API development team.

Followed up internally on this.

Hi - I just wanted to +1 this issue as we have implemented the same type of workflow Jose has mentioned above and are experiencing the same problem.

It appears the only ID this endpoint accepts is the one returned in the results of
the batch /phone/call_history call (“get account’s call history”). We really need the /phone/call_history/{callLogId} endpoint to accept the long, numerical call_id like the now-deprecated endpoint did in order to migrate over.



Thank you @ddesimone , I am escalating this further and will share an internal reference number for me to track progress on this.

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