How to obtain the root call log id?

I use the following events to know when the call finishes: phone.callee_call_log_completed and phone.caller_call_log_completed, but these contain only the log ids for either the caller or callee.

I need to download the call details/path to analyze the whole call. With this endpoint: /phone/call_logs/{callId} I can use the call id in order to get the call details, but the documentation says it will be deprecated in 2025, in favor of this endpoint: /phone/call_history/{callLogId}, but with this one, I cannot use the call id, neither the log id coming in any of these events, I have to use the root log id.

How do I get it if there is no general event (like phone.call_log_completed) with that information?

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@ojus.zoom ? @elisa.zoom ?

Hi @jose ,

Can you please link the documentation for this endpoint? I only see this one: Zoom Phone API

GET /phone/call_logs/{callLogId}

If you are asking for the documentation for this endpoint:
is this:

I updated the last post

Hi @jose ,

Nevermind, I misread. Where did you see it say this will be deprecated in 2025:

Can you please share that documentation?

Understand Zoom Phone call history

and here:

Zoom Phone call log deprecation

If Zoom will deprecate some functionality, we expect the new one will have the same features, at least.

Hi @jose ,

Thanks for sharing this! I will inquire further and get back to you.

Waiting to hear back.

Thanks, let me know, I am waiting the update

Still haven’t heard back, but just followed up.

I am having the same issue.

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Hi @sam8 @jose, ae you able to verify if call path shows multiple call ids including the root call id?

Please review this doc again in detail: Understand Zoom Phone call history

/phone/call_logs/{callId} works fine when the callId input is taken from phone.caller_call_log_completed or phone.callee_call_log_completed.

/phone/call_history/{callLogId} gets 400 error when the input ‘id’ (e.g. 4a4ed8ec-6be4-4e42-96e6-352a4396204d) is taken from those hooks. So there’s no way to see the callpath payload.

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That is correct. We cannot use the callId to get the call history using this endpoint:


which is being promoted instead of this one:


Also, the call-id is more useful than the call log IDs. There is one call-log-id per call leg and one per root call. The call-id can at least be used up to a point to get all info about the call, and I said up to a point because you have to do some magic (events out of order, info missing in the call log details, etc.) in order to link one call to the other.

Hi @sam8 @jose ,

Ahh I see. I have shared your thoughts with the phone API development team.