After switching a client to use OAuth from JWT the recording endpoint no longer include play_url or download_url

The urls were appearing before switching to OAuth, but after switching it lists the recordings associated with the call but doesn’t include either of the urls. Nothing else in our software has changed and we just switch from using JWT to OAuth for authentication.

Hi @eschug
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Are you still experiencing this issue or have you been able to troubleshoot on your end?

In general I have been very unhappy overall with the assistance that Zoom has provided (basically none). and would not recommend it to anyone. I finally discovered that the issue was with the user permissions who performed the oauth authentication, but I would like 2 things.

  1. your company being more up front and provide guidance to the client that this will be required and what to check

  2. if this is required for an app and is within the scope requirements that it should reject an oauth where the users permissions are not sufficient.

FYI this was the 4 attempt to try to get someone from your staff to provide some level of support, but had to reach out to someone else to help.

The forum was not any better.

Hi @eschug
I totally understand what you are saying and I apologize if the support you were provided was not good enough.

The developer forum is a community-based forum that has a lot of traffic and often times the community chimes in and helps developers resolve their issues, other times we Zoom employees are the ones providing the help; but I understand how this can be frustrating.

In the future, feel free to reach out to me by tagging me in your posts if you run into any issues.
I will make sure to pass along this feedback to the right team.


Hello @elisa.zoom ,

We are also having this issue, and getting nowhere with support or the forum. We were told to “validate that the user who approved the OAuth app actually has permissions to download. There was an update a couple of months ago to bring API downloads in alignment with website settings.” We can’t seem to find any information on this anywhere to confirm permissions or find out what the update entailed. Any help pointing us in the right direction would be appreciated.


Hi @kimberlym.smith
Please make sure that the user you are trying to download the recording has the right permissions.
You can do this by going to the Admin Tab > account settings > Recording and making sure that the Clloud recording downloads feature is enabled

Let me know if this helps please

Thank you for the clarification, @elisa.zoom

We have had this setting enabled since the inception of our account. I did just lock it, but I can’t imagine that would change anything. I did note in our call logs something of interest, could this be why we aren’t getting the download link through our API? It isn’t showing the meeting ID, just the user. We haven’t changed anything since we moved from JWT to OAuth back in March, and this stopped working in July. I’ve been getting conflicting answers on whether an update may have been the cause, and it is very frustrating that it is taking this long to troubleshoot.

Thanks for confirming this @kimberlym.smith
I will send you a private message so you can share those logs with me and I will take a closer look