Cannot download some recording using API

Hey everyone.

Our users authorize our Zoom OAuth App. Then, when the recording is ready, we call get recording endpoint using include_fields=download_access_token. Then we proceed by using the download link and attaching access_token query string (access_token=).

This works almost all of the time. However, this is failing for some recordings (i receive recording not found error when it actually exists). Is there another method to download recordings that i’m missing?


Hi @developerUpdateAI ,

It sounds like you’re doing everything as expected. Can you confirm the recordings have fully processed?

If yes, we’d need to investigate further with examples. Please respond to my private message with the following for queries giving unexpected behavior:

  • developer email associated with app
  • client id associated with app you’re using to access Zoom API
  • meeting id(s)
  • screenshots of full API request(s)/response(s)
  • proof of recordings existence (i.e. recording completed webhook)

Hi @developerUpdateAI ,

Regarding an alternative way to access meeting recordings, please consider subscribing to webhooks: Zoom Meeting API querying tips - Download recordings using webhooks

With respect to this particular API behavior, I have passed along your issue to Developer Support in the interest of time (ticket #: TS0415318).

For other inquiries that are less time sensitive, feel free to leverage the forum for community-led and driven discussion and assistance.

Thanks so much!