Download_url field null in API response, only for some users within a role

We have an integration with Zoom where cloud recordings are imported into our platform. We have a mutual customer who is having issues with most of their presentations (but not all) failing to import into our system. As we dug into this, we found that the JSON response to the API call is returning null values for the download_url field both for the video as well as transcriptions.

I found this other post regarding this issue - The meeting recordings API stoped returning the download_url on July 11. Our customer also started experiencing failures around this same time (July 10).

However, the suggested solution of “Admin Tab > User Management > Roles > Role settings >
View recording content” may not be the whole story. Our customer has two different users who are in the same Role in Zoom - one user’s recording imported into our system properly but the other did not. The customer has this setting turned off within the role, and refuses to turn it on as they say that will expose content across the entire org (they only use a couple roles - basically student and faculty). This customer has been successfully importing content from Zoom for years and says they have made no changes within their Zoom settings.

Is there some per-user setting that may be further impacting this situation? We are looking for an explanation of why one user’s content comes through ok but another is missing the download_url value, when both are in the same Zoom role.

Further to that, was this a change that happened on the Zoom API end around July 10? It’s odd that our customer as well as the OP from the thread above both ran into this at the same time.

Thank you for any guidance you can provide.

Hi @BrianP
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum, I am happy to help here!
Sorry to hear that you are facing issues with the download_url field being empty.

Yes, the solution to this issue is to enable Recording permissions to the user who is calling the endpoint.
There is another permission at the account level “Prevent hosts from accessing their cloud recordings” (Admin Tab > Account Management > Recordings ) your customer could set this up if they want to have only admins accessing the recordings instead of hosts.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the response.

“… enable Recording permissions to the user who is calling the endpoint”. When we connect via OAuth, the token is providing us access as if we were the host, correct? So in this case you are saying that the host needs access to the recordings? Is that strictly done via the Role? Again, we have a case here where two different hosts are in the same Role, but this works for one and not the other. Is there a per-meeting or per-user setting that would come into play here?

“Prevent hosts from accessing their cloud recordings” - wouldn’t turning this on break the integration completely, if the OAuth token is authenticating us as if we were the host? Is there a setting similar to this but the opposite - “Prevent anyone BUT the host from accessing cloud recordings”?

Was this a change that hit the API, or was otherwise introduced into the Zoom platform, around July 10? Everything was working fine for customer up until that point, and they hadn’t made any changes to their Zoom security settings.

Interesting @BrianP
I do not see why it works differently for those 2 differents hosts that are in the same role. I will go ahead and send you a private message so you can share with me more information about the users and I will take a closer look