Airpods on MAC using websdk have audio stutter

Using 1.7.8/1.7.10 when audio is routed through airpods, the capture and playback streams have audio stutter. This issue does not exist on regular bluetooth headsets.

The same issue does not exist on Windows

Hey @nitin1,

Thanks for letting us know, we will look into this. (CS-2214)


I am having the same issue!! In a zoom meeting on macbook air. Using airpods. Zooming in Chrome browser. Experiencing serious audio stutter and choppiness to the point where I can’t listen this way, it’s giving me a headache. When I play audio on my computer speakers, the audio is fine. I’ve never had this issue with my airpods before. I don’t usually use zoom. Airpods work for music, Teams, phone calls, etc…

Edit to add that some of my coworkers using airpods say their audio is fine and one other person told me they are having the same audio choppiness that I am.

Hey @virginia.m.paul,

Thanks for sharing this. We are investigating the issue. :slight_smile:


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