Alert when Zoom Room Joins a meeting

Does anyone have a recommendation on how we could monitor when any of our zoom room joins any meeting? we are looking to monitor the status of our zoom rooms, then when someone joins a meeting we can automate a “check in” with a third party system.

I reviewed “zoom room webhook” capability page, but didn’t look like that had any notification of the sort. “Meeting Event - Participant Joined webhook” looked more promising. but according to the documentation it would only notify if the participant joins a meeting within our account, which would be an issue when joining 3rd party meetings.

Let me know if anyone can think of something I am missing. Thank you!

Hey @dev.schardt.matt,

If the Zoom Room is joining one of your meetings you should still get the Participant Joined Webhook.

We are also working on additional Zoom Room Webhooks, stay updated here: