How to detect which meeting started in a Zoom Room

I would like to be able to associate zoom room check in webhook event with a meeting uuid. This would help us associate meetings with zoom rooms. Or is there an alternate approach to get the same info? When a meeting is started in Zoom room, will the room be added as a participant? If yes, how to detect the participant is a “zoom room” as opposed to regular user.

Which Endpoint/s?

Additional context
The association between zoom rooms and meetings is available through “GET
/metrics/zoomrooms/{zoomroomId}” but would prefer to receive the information through a webhook event.

Hi @shobhanjali,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Unfortunately we don’t have the exact endpoint you’re probably looking for. Let me know if this post helps to clarify:


Hi Will,
Thank you for the reply. True, the “list zoom rooms endpoint” will indicate the status of the room as “InMeeting” when there is a meeting in progress. However it will not indicate which meeting id/uuid is in progress. Will look forward to future enhancements to the API which will help us associate a meeting to a room though a webhook event.

Thanks for the reply, @shobhanjali, and this is valuable feedback. I’ll be sharing this with our team, and we hope to add more support for this in the future. :slight_smile:


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