Allow name to be embedded in the invitation URL

I want to be able to add a name in the invitation URL as a parameter. This will enable us to let the user join the meeting without writing his/her name.
In other words, I want to force the name of the user using the invitation URL.

It was suggested that I let the user register to the meeting and each user will have a unique invitation URL, but this is not possible in our application.


This is a gem. I totally agree with this because in our email blast out to participant, we can force them to use a certain name that we have set for them so that when they join the meeting, we can know for sure this is them and they are in the naming convention that we want.


I hope that they add this feature.

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Yes, that is important: e.g.: We are setting up a virtual fair system, and the visitors a registered there. From this system we start Zoom-meetings to get into contact with the people from the exibition.
The fairsystem allows adding the name of the visitor to the Zoom-invitation-URL,
e.g. ……&name={%name%}
We would love to use Zoom for the fairsystem with this great feature.
Thank you

Exactly, we need this feature

This would be very helpful and consistent with the functionality that currently exist for Zoom Webinar speakers.

Now, with the help of the Zooms-developersupport, I can give the answer:

1.) Register the potential users as API-users:
New-ZoomUser -Action custCreate -Email “$mail” -Type 1 -FirstName “$vname” -LastName “$nname”
The custCreate is the important part.
2.) Retrieve the ZAK-Token:
$d=Invoke-RestMethod -Uri “$mail/token?ttl=3600&type=zak” -Headers @{Authorization = “Bearer $securitytoken”} -Method Get
3.) With this Token, set up the invitation link like:…?pwd=U…9&zak=e…k
e…k is the ZAK-token I retrieved.
Hope this help

And wonderful, the registered user is in the meeting.

The only really imortant thing is: You have to register all potential users as type custCreate / Api.
I hope this helps.

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Any updates so far? This feature will be very helpful.


Any updates so far? Is it possible to implement this feature?