Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves via Zoom API

There is an option as shown in attached image to Mute participants and then to not allow participants to unmute themselves (by deselecting the checkbox). I am looking to achieve this via Zoom API.
Saw mute_upon_entry field in settings API but that doesnt solve the purpose as participant can unmute themselves.

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Anyone from Zoom Support , please respond?

Hi @vijay_k
Sorry for the late reply!
What is it that you are trying to achieve via API?
To not allow participants to unmute themselves?

Yes, we have the requirement to create few sessions via API that would act as a broadcast session, only 1 way communication should take place. Only host is allowed to speak.

Hi @vijay_k
Please make sure to go to your Account Management > Account Settings > Schedule Meeting >
" Mute all participants when they join a meeting" and have this feature enabled in your account

This is user level setting, can we have this at meeting level via API?
I have host who can attend both the types of meeting, a one way communication (where all participants are muted ) and a general meeting, 2 way communication (where host and participants) need to interact.

I need a API solution that would be implemented on the type of meeting

Hi @vijay_k
When you create a meeting, you can pass certain settings according to your needs.
For example:
“mute_upon_entry” you can set this to true or false according to your needs:

Tried with this option but with this option, participatant can unmute themselves.
We don’t want participants to unmute themselves.

I see @vijay_k
Unfortunately, there is no way to do this programmatically.