How to force mute all participants via Zoom API for OAuth apps?


In an OAuth app that creates a meeting on behalf of the signed-in host, I would like to ensure that all meeting members apart from the host join as muted and remain muted till a host unmutes them. This is available in the Zoom UI via clicking Participants > Mute all > unselecting the checkbox that says Allow participants to unmute themselves

I saw a related thread from last year: Mute participants without possibility to unmute through creating meteting with API
The recommendation was to use the Web SDK and call the muteAll function in the SDK. However, it seems the Web SDK is only for JWT apps, so I think I would not be able to do this on behalf of the user in an OAuth app

Type of app

This API has a mute_upon_entry boolean in the settings param, but it still allows users to unmute themselves

Screenshot of equivalent user setting

Hi @pacross thanks for posting & using Zoom!

This in-meeting function is not possible through the API. The Web SDK is one method of controlling the meeting experience, but this is designed for creating and managing meetings within your application (it is initialized using a JWT App’s credentials).