Allowing multiple users to use the same email id to connect zoom on my platform

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I have a platform where I am allowing users to connect to zoom. Currently user can connect to zoom using email-A , and upon booking the meeting, a meeting link is generated using that zoom account.
But now I want to allow multiple users to connect to zoom using the same email-A, in that case, I am getting a invalid token error.

How can this issue be resolved, or is it even okay to allow multiple users connect to the same zoom account.
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How To Reproduce
Steps followed
User-1 connected with zoom using email-A, a token is generated and when booking a meeting, a meeting link is generated.
User-2 tried connecting with zoom using same email-A, when he authorised the account the token got refreshed, on booking a meeting, a meeting link got generated.
Now, when User-1 tried to book an event, at the time of generating the meeting link its throwing an error saying “Invalid Token”
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
1. Authentication method or app type
2. Any errors

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Can’t do that, that’s even a violation of the Terms of Use agreement, one user cannot be used to continue generating meetings for other users, and there are other limitations like you cannot run 2 meetings at the same time using the same user account. My suggestion would be to use a different approach.

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