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I would let multiple users link their zoom account on my platform. This linking should be saved in the database and when they create an event, if the account is already linked, the respective account should be used to generate the meeting link. Please let me know how can I go about this?

@sagarwal3005 Hope you will be fine.

:point_up_2: You need to build and publish Zoom OAuth App.

HI Naeem, thankyou for replying to my post. I have linked the zoom oAuth app. but I am facing few issues. I am a beginner so if possible please guide me :
Client_id = xxx
redirect_url =

  1. I created a button in the user profile page : Connect my zoom account. This button is linked to the url :
    Error - Zoom
    When I click on this link, I am redirected to login page, and I enter my zoom credential.

Side issue : 1) When I login as user from which I created the above client id (xxx), I get redirected to the website with code. But when I login as another user, I get an error Application not found. I have created a user level application. (reported in Invalid redirect: ... (4,700) - #2 by donte.zoom)

Main Issue : Using the login of same account with which I created app, I am getting the code. So I am able to generate the token for that time. How can I ensure that the when that user logs in, he wont have to authenticate himself again and still can generate the meeting link.

Hope I am able to explain myself.


Here are the sessions regarding OAuth :point_down:

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Zoom Integration OAuth App Part 2

Here :point_down: are the sessions regarding how to schedule meetings using REST API

Create Zoom Meeting - (REST API)
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Here are the sessions regarding WebSDK Integrations

If still any query please ask. Thanks

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@sagarwal3005 ,

Based on the description, it seems like you may be trying to Authorize a user from another account, is that accurate? If so, then in order to test your Zoom integrations with external Zoom accounts you would need to test with a Publishable URL. This is because Zoom restricts unpublished App access and use to internal members of the developer’s Zoom account. I’ve linked several support documents on this topic for your reference.

Sharing private apps

Publishable URL FAQ

By publishing your app on the Marketplace, your product or service is introduced to millions of daily users looking to connect workflows and discover new tools. Once a user successfully goes through the OAuth flow, you will get an access token and a refresh token. You want to store the refresh token and use it to get another access token which can be used to make requests against Zoom API (i.e generate the meeting link.)

Publishing your app on the Marketplace exposes it to millions of daily users seeking to integrate workflows and explore new tools. After a user successfully completes the OAuth process, you will receive an access token and a refresh token. It is recommended to save the refresh token and use it to obtain another access token for making requests to the Zoom API (i.e generate the meeting link.) Here some helpful support documentation on this topic:

OAuth with Zoom: Refreshing an access token

Things to know before creating an app

Publishing an App

Please let me know if this help to clarify the behavior you are seeing.