Using Zoom API with 2 licensed users

Hello and nice finding all of you.
Firstly I would like to apologise for my English.

I have created a web application for a customer on which they can create and edit zoom meetings.
In order for them to have 2 meetings at the same time they have bought 2 licenses.
But even if we have created a second user in zoom platform we cannot open 2 meetings at the same time.

I am using JWT credentials to connect to zoom and I cannot create new JWT credentials for the new account in order the second user to connect with this account.

Is there something that I haven’t understood correctly?

Hi @ToroLoo,

Welcome! And happy to help.

First, I should note that you will only need 1 set of JWT credentials, and these can be used to authorize requests on behalf of any user under your account.

When you’re creating these 2 meetings, can you double check that you’re creating them separately under each user? You will need to specify the user ID or email of each unique host in the request URL for the Create Meeting API, as follows:

So you would create two meetings such as:

These two requests would return unique start_urls, which the users can use to separately host these meetings.

Let me know if this helps,

Hi Will,

thank you for the reply.
Actually yesterday I checked another time the api documents and understood it as you have written.
I have already written part of the code and works as expected.

I had misunderstood initially and thought that once I buy 2 licences I could have 2 meetings at the same time, but with the SAME user.

Thank you once again

No problem, glad I could help clarify. :slight_smile: