Alternative to Deprecated Client URL Schemes

I have a web application to deliver online courses that uses zoom for some courses where a virtual classroom is needed, so I use scheduled meetings to do the lectures.
Typically, the students in a course would find a link in the web application in the format of
in order to use the Window/Mac client of Zoom, and the web application generated these links for each user modifying the uname, putting name and last name and a unique identifier, like John Doe |122 so then in the reports I could calculate the presence and generate excel files.
The problem is that since client version 5.7 the uname is completely ignored and I was looking for documentation for Client URL Schemes but I saw that they have been deprecated and removed,
I wanted to ask if there is a safe way for me to use the client trying to send the correct username or if there are some api or webhooks that can be used to solve my problem.
Thank you

Hi @Massim,

Thank you for reaching out about this. I’m afraid we don’t currently offer any alternatives for this from the API side of things, aside from requiring registration and considering adding registrants programmatically via Add Meeting Registrant API.

This API returns a unique join_url for each registrant/participant, which contains/can pass some of the same information to the Zoom Client.

This would be the closest supported way to handle this.

Thank you,

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