Android APP has been "Rejected" by Google Play

After Incorporate Zoom Video Android SDK within Our Android application.
Our app has been rejected in the Google play market。

The information is as follows:
Because the following data access disclosures could not be verified

IMEI from READ_PHONE_STATE permission
Subscription information from READ_PHONE_STATE permission
Phone Number from READ_PHONE_STATE permission
Bluetooth from BLUETOOTH/BLUETOOTH_ADMIN permission

Disclosure in the app must be just before displaying a dialog requesting user consent.

No personal or sensitive information may be accessed or collected before user consent.
Therefore, I would like PAGD to confirm when and for what purpose you are accessing the above data?

After that I will make a PRD on user consent refer to it.


User Data - Play Console Help

Changes are coming to this policy! Find a summary of the changes and a copy of the updated Developer Policy

Incorporate :zoom-video-sdk-android-1.3.1

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@michael_p.zoom Can you help me

Why zoom-video-sdk-android need READ_PHONE_STATE& BLUETOOTH permission? This is not reasonable.

Hi gutongtong819,

Thank you for your post,
Here are some reasons to answer to your questions.

Required to connect and use Bluetooth audio device on Android 12

When connected to a Bluetooth audio device and there is a phone call that happens when a Video SDK session is ongoing, the phone call will occupy the Bluetooth device and not give us back when the call ends. This permission allows us to reconnect to the Bluetooth audio device when the phone call ends.

Hope this helps.

Hi @yosuke.sawamura
Do we need to requesting the permissions on runtime ?
At present, the permissions only in manifest . not granted.

Hi gutongtong819,

You will need to grant permission if you are going have the user successfully work with the scenario.


Hi @gutongtong819, have your team got approved by Google Play? My team and I have the same issue with “Phone number from READ_PHONE_STATE permission” prominent disclosure. Should we request READ_PHONE_STATE permission at runtime ?

@yosuke.sawamura could you please advise me on this problem

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