Google Play rejected app update because of handling users' Phone Number information from READ_PHONE_STATE permissions without a prominent disclosure

My team and I have an issue when submitting a new version of app on Google Play. We got rejected due to the issue “Phone number from READ_PHONE_STATE permission” without prominent disclosure. 2 things I want to know:

  1. When should we request READ_PHONE_STATE permission at runtime ?
  2. If user denies permission, should we stop user’s video call session ?

@trinhcu18 ,

An incoming phone call will occupy the Bluetooth audio device when it occurs during an ongoing session. After the call ends, the session does not receive the Bluetooth audio device back. Therefore, the READ_PHONE_STATE permission allows us to reconnect to the Bluetooth audio device after a phone call ends. We are not using the user’s phone number in any way.

Boon Jun.