Android Cloud Recording Functionalities

I was able to record using Cloud Recording and saw that the recordings are in My Recordings. My problem now is I want to fetch those recordings programmatically and do something with it like share it also programmatically. I tried searching in the mobile sdk documents and I seem to have found none. Did I miss anything?

Hi @dodongp, thanks for using our SDK.

If I am understanding correctly, you wish to download cloud recordings through the Android SDK? Unfortunately, this functionality is not currently supported through the SDK.

You should be able to achieve this through the REST API. Please feel free to post to #zoom-api if you need any assistance getting started with and using our API.


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Thanks for the reply!

I see. Since I am not able to download through the SDK, is it also possible to share programmatically a cloud recording like after a meeting?

Hi @dodongp,

There would not be any route to share a recording through the Android SDK. Please see our reference documentation for the InMeetingCloudRecordController for more information on what controls are available through the SDK around recordings and let me know if you have any additional questions.


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Okay. Thank you very much. I shall make a post to #zoom-api soon so I can get started.