Android Meeting SDK sample app

I have downloaded the latest Android Meeting SDK from Marketplace and opened it in Android Studio. I have properly generated a SDK JDK Token and when running the ‘sample’ app the SDK is initialized successfully. When I try to join a meeting by entering a valid meeting id / name into the UI, the SDK attempts to join the meeting, then prompts for a meeting password. There is no meeting password. I have tried several meetings that do not have passwords, yet the sample app persists in prompting for one. Please help. Thank you.

Which Android Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Download latest Android ASK and open in Android Studio
Generate SDK_JWTTOKEN and put in AuthConstants
Build run sample
enter valid meeting number / name
Join meeting
Asks for password on meeting that does not have password
Asks for password for every meeting I try

Can anybody please help me understand this issue with the demo sample Android SDK app? I have since completely removed Android Studio and JAVA and rebuild my dev environment and yet still the sample app attempts to connect then prompts for a password for a meeting that does not have a password.

Please help and thank you.

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