Conflig class exoplayer 2.16.1 and library 'lib/arm64-v8a/'

Hi according to sdk zoom-sdk-android- conflict with my current project when to integrate. According to this source The libraries dependency to JCenter in mobilertc build.gradle they planning to upgrade the version to latest exoplayer 2.16.1 but until now still no further action do to sdk. Please someone help me to solve this conflict. Thank you.

Hi @hafiz1,

As mentioned in the post you’ve linked to, the only immediate solution to this issue is to change the version being used in your project to the same version used by the SDK.


Hello @jon.zoom,

Can I ask that when is Zoom planning on updating the ExoPlayer dependency to the latest version (2.16.1). As having Zoom SDK use 2.12.3 is causing a lot of conflicts with other SDKs which have the latest version.

Thank you.

Hi @hipoojan, thanks for using the dev forum.

I wish we could be more transparent about our plans to update ExoPlayer, but there are several factors which make this difficult to predict. Unfortunately for the time being your best bet is going to be to use the same version as the SDK.


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