Android SDK Implementation

Anyone who’s downloaded/tried to implement the CC Android SDK, please advise.
I’ve brought in the chat and video modules, have a test app, correct permissions, and the code to build the service and fetchUI(), all is good. Listeners are in place also.
When I push Call Support, the screen changed to loading, then goes back to the main screen. If I press the button again, the loading comes up again and sits there until I navigate back.
Nothing shows on any of the listeners, even onError. Logcat also shows no errors. VideoEntryID is fine:
private static final String VideoEntryId = “”;
I’ve tried rebuilding with higher Sdk’s (though we really can’t go above 23) and same error.
Testing from the web works great.
I’ve tried this on multiple devices and the emulator and none work. I know it’s a very early beta, but if anyone has successfully gotten this to work please let me know what I might be missing.

Hi Chris,

Can you please check you are running Contact Center Android SDK version 1.1 ?

Yeah, I downloaded and built everything on 1.1. I may try bringing in the 1.0 SDK later to see if I get different results. Or do you have another suggestion?

I would not use the old version. Can you confirm you downloaded SDK 1.1 directly from the Zoom Marketplace yourself ?

Yes, this is correct. In fact, this is the name of the file:

Hello Chris,

For your test agent account, under Completed engagements, do you see the instances when you tried calling support? Was your test agent marked as Ready, with the relevant queue enabled, during your test calls?

The error turned out to be using the ChatEntryId set to the same thing as the VideoEntryId. We have no plans to use the Chat, so just made that a fake alphanumeric.

The next hurdle was API version. Most of our deployed hardware is on 6.0.1(API 23) and although the documentation claims to go back to 21, that (22 & 23 also) would crash after the ‘Join with Video’ button was pressed. 24 forward worked great, but that did nothing for us. I raised this to the Zoom team and they addressed it and provided me with a pre-release ( supporting 21 forwards. Ironically, that broke anything 24 forwards (again, this is a pre-release so I expect things like this) but I’m able to move forward until the stable build.

Thanks everyone who chimed in.

Chris Mitroka