Android SDK + Zoom room controller

Hi There,

Trying to figure out a simple question before starting development. 

Does the Zoom Room Android SDK/github demo code supports control by the Zoom room controller now available on Android Store? All the literature for zoom room controller talks of “Windows/Mac” for the main AV brain. 

Similar question for Chrome OS. Can an Android/IoS zoom controller control a Chrome OS zoom room implementation? 

Thanks for feedback!



Hi Antoine,

Zoom Android SDK is not for controlling Zoom Rooms, it’s for you to integrate Zoom meeting service into your own application. Please download the demo @ and do a quick test to get the idea of Zoom SDKs.


Hi Wei

THanks much for follow up! I guess that my post wasn’t too clear.

I was asking if it’s possible for the Zoom Room Android/ipad controller app, as in THIS ( which is a locked app/controller only to “CONTROL” a Zoom Android SDK example as in available in github. i.e. we’d package it. 

or to put it another way: Can your Android Controller App( control a custom Android SDK example build… Does this make any sense? :-) 

Will dive into sdk, just wanted a simple check first. :-) 



Hi Antoine,

The controller app is used only for Zoom Rooms, not for SDKs.