Zoom Room Controller - Synergy with integrations beyond 'Room Control'

We’re commissioning a new property with 30 Crestron-controlled Zoom Rooms. We’re hoping to use the Zoom Room Controller iPad app as primary AV control, including hooks for Crestron integration. We started with the [limited] CLI but since the Zoom API has been released we see many advantages to using it, including future support from Zoom and Crestron.

As part of this, we intend to leverage the Zoom Room Controller/Room Controls feature for integrations and as much AV control as we can - within the Zoom Room Controller app. It’s limited to basic buttons and commands, but we need more…

We are comfortable with JSON coding and have simple Room Controller buttons working. Some of the more advanced rooms require more GUI features than Room Control can currently provide, such as volume [not the PC’s volume NOR in addition to PC volume slider] with feedback, multiple user-input and display routing, etc.

Graphical feedback is critical.

If we had control hooks for the existing volume slider, etc, that we could intercept, we could reroute them accordingly and solve part of our issue.

If we could launch other apps [Crestron Go] from within the Zoom Room Controller app, we could build them in sync to feel like 1 GUI… we can currently launch apps [such as Zoom Room Controller] from the Crestron Go app… but flipping back to Crestron Go from Zoom Room Controller using the iPad’s native means is not as intuitive or reliable. We need a new button for this function.

Basically, we’d like to know the roadmap for Zoom to develop the Room Controls feature further, and what new enhancements might be added in the near and far terms.

We’d love to use Zoom app exclusively, but there are several AV control items we can’t really incorporate in its current form and still make it intuitive. If updates are coming soon, we still have time to incorporate and make the UI the best it can be at delivery in 6 weeks.

Can you please see if any more info is available on that development?

Is there a Beta program for Zoom Rooms Controller?

Hi @ChucYeah,

Thanks for reaching out about this and for expressing in leveraging our Zoom Rooms CLI.

It sounds like you’ve already had a chance to check out our Zoom Rooms CLI functionality as it exists today, right?

I should note that we’re always working on improving existing functionalities, but I should caution that I don’t believe we have any major updates coming for our Zoom Rooms CLI in the immediate near term.

However, if there’s certain functionality that you’d like to see that would empower you to get the most out of your Zoom Rooms integration, I’d encourage you to consider posting a feature request (or several) here: #feature-requests

Our team uses these feature requests to inform future product/engineering decisions, and it’s valuable to be able to collect these in one spot.

If there are specific questions about the functionality that already exists today, just let me know.


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