ZR-CSAPI vs Controller Apps



We are installing Zoom Rooms on Mac Minis as part of a wider AV installation. We will be writing a custom control system/interface for the client so that we can create a seamless experience with VC and other in-room functionality. However, the client has Zoom Rooms in other locations so wants a consistent experience.

I am fairly new to Zoom, and trying to rapidly learn. I thought it best to ask here and learn from those with more experience! I have looked at all the documentation that I can.


  1. Does the ZR-CSAPI have feature parity with the Zoom Room Controller apps (e.g. for iPad) (i.e. can we build a custom controller with the same feature set)?
  2. If not, are there any specific features missing or not yet implemented that it is useful to be aware of?

Thank you!

Hello Ben,

For the current beta 16 release, and our next release (scheduled for this Sunday), the ZR-CSAPI will have most of the major features in the iPad Zoom Room Controller app, however it is missing a couple of features such as keypad during SIP calls, waiting room (new Zoom Room feature), multi-sharing, raise hands, assign co-host, assign person to write closed captions and a couple of other smaller features.

You can see the full feature set in this documentation link: https://zaapi.docs.stoplight.io/

However, for the most part you should be able to build a fully functional Zoom Room controller using the current API.

Hi Zach,

Thank you for your detailed answer, I appreciate that. Sounds like it should fit ours needs.

In general is the ZR-CSAPI meant to “keep up” with new features (even if it’s a little behind)?

Hi Ben,

Yes, so far new features have been released in our official ZR controller first, then the features have been exposed to the ZR-CSAPI. However, currently there are no further commitments on the ZR-CSAPI, it does not mean we will not add more features, but it is not a guarantee.

Thank you for the information, really useful.